About Us

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About Us

“Make A Customer, Not A Sale”
Katherine Barchetti 
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HookahSam, a family owned business, where owners are passionate about providing the best smoking products. This is why we are dedicated to offer you the most beautiful products at the best available prices.

Many of our products originate from places such as India, Indonesia, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, South America and several other world regions but most are from here in the United States.

Our “HookahSam” team consists of die hard fans who work tirelessly to bring you up-to-the-minute deals on products from across the web in one awesome place. Why do we do this? We got tired of seeing other online stores selling average products at three times their worth. We believe that providing our customers with quality gear combined with great customer service will set us apart from our competition. We promise to handle all customer inquiries with integrity, professionalism and gratitude because we know that none of this is possible without you.

Our core values include:





Our team believes we exist for two reasons:

1. Dedicated Fans

2. Overpriced Fan Gear

And we are here to end #2 for good… Are you in?

Thank You

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